AC-28EX Gram Extra

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The AC-28EX Gram Extra (グラム・エクストラ) is a second-generation CHARM manufactured by the Yggdrasil Corporation.

It requires a minimum Skiller Value of 85 to use.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Gram Extra was a CHARM that Amatsu Marei provided to Soraha in anticipation of the nonstop battles that the Odaiba Counteroffensive would require fighting.

It was originally indended that Soraha would simply do a combat demonstration with it at the Neunwelt Tactic Technical Conference, but she used it throughout the Counteroffensive.

Marei had been considering a redesigned "Gram Mk. II" for a while, and did a complete overhaul of a spare Gram. By using parts with increased performance over the Gram's standard specifications, she made the CHARM easier to use and also more reliable during prolonged combat situations.

The Gram Extra is more than a high-spec version of the original Gram, and boasts many additional features, such as a sub-generator for the Autoguard function and the ability to diminish the force of Huge breath attacks[1].

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