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Aberrations (異能), also sometimes translated as simply abilities, are powers that certain Lilies have which are not Rare Skills, subskills, or Boosted Skills. They can occur naturally, be implanted into a Lily artificially, or in some cases be learned. No Lilies are known to have more than one aberration, though they can have one in addition to other types of skills and abilities, including S-rank Rare Skills[1].

Only a small number of Lilies have any given aberration[2], and most Lilies do not have an aberration at all. Divine Possession[3] is the aberration which the greatest number of Lilies are known to be able to use.

There are many aberrations which have no formal name, such as:

Aberrations deteriorate more slowly than other abilities Lilies have, such as Rare Skills, and can still be used even by those who are too old to be active Lilies[6].

Lilies with particularly powerful aberrations are sometimes known as singular Lilies, though this term is not exclusive to those with aberrations.

Gaining Aberrations[edit | edit source]

A Lily awakens any aberration she may have when she is mentally overwhelmed and her negative Magi resonates at the highest possible level due to this.

This was hypothesized to be the case by Nishimura Noemi, and she subsequently confirmed it by manipulating Iijima Renka into such a state in The Shieldmaiden Awakens.

When aberrations are implanted into Lilies artificially, typically by GEHENA, Huge cells are used and there is a risk of failure[7]. It is unclear what distinguishes them from Boosted Skills in this case.

It is implied that the ability to enter Divine Possession can be acquired through training, and that many Lilies at Sakuranomori do so[8]. No aberrations other than Divine Possession are known to be possible to acquire merely through effort.

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