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Altea Alessandrini (アルテア・アレッサンドリーニ) is a Lily who attends St. Mercurius International School. She is the captain of 1st Air Cavalry Platoon Michael.

Renowned as the "Tyrant of Mercurius", Altea is a frontline Lily who considers Shirai Yuyu her rival[1]. Altea is strict with both others and herself, and is very choosy about who she joins forces with. This is what lead to her nickname, as she'll shamelessly make comments such as "Sorry, but your pass can't make use of my ability. Can you switch with someone else?"—not out of malice but simply because she values battle effectiveness above all else[2].

Altea has a poor relationship with her sister, Lemie Alessandrini. It's considered a noteworthy physical characteristic about her that her wounds heal quickly[1].

During the Odaiba Counteroffensive, Altea was the captain of the 2nd Division, and together with Tsukioka Momiji she created the Zero-Top Tactic that more than proved its worth in that battle. However, she followed it up by causing controversy when she was taken to have proposed the Oath of Minne to Momiji afterwards, despite the fact that Momiji went to a different Garden. Many still think of the two as a couple[1]. According to Futagawa Fumi, the most compatible person with Altea in Legion Heorot Saints is actually Hayami Katsura[3].

When Ishikawa Aoi attended St. Mercurius during junior high school, Altea looked after her for the reason that the two of them have the same Rare Skill[1]. She used to train together with Aoi and Kaede Johan Nouvel[4]. Altea's favorite underclassman who is still at St. Mercurius is Louloudis Bromstedt[5].

According to Fumi, Altea is considered a Lily otaku of the duel-focused subtype, though she herself would probably deny this[6].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Altea and Lemie were born in Milano, Italy[7].
  • Altea likes soccer, chess, and classical music. Her favourite team is the blue uniform team from Milan[8]
  • Altea dislikes candy that is too sweet[1].
  • Altea's favorite foods are coffee and pasta, especially arrabbiatta, which is one of her mother's specialties[9].

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