Amano Soraha

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Amano Soraha (天野天葉) is a Lily who attends Yurigaoka Girls' Academy. She is the captain of the current Legion Álfheimr, and was previously the vice-captain of the first-generation Álfheimr. Her Schild is Egawa Kusumi, and her Schutzengel is Maki Wakana.

History[edit | edit source]

Soraha is world-famous for her physical abilities and the incredible combat prowess they grant her. Under the command of Takegoshi Chihana, Soraha once fought as a member of the first Legion Álfheimr, the strongest legion there ever was. She was a skilled vice-captain and also served to keep the legion's spirits high with her cheerful demeanor.

Legion Álfheimr disbanded after the Odaiba Counteroffensive, and Soraha lost her drive to be a Lily. She considered retiring or transferring to another school. But when she met Egawa Kusumi, who had been rejected by her friends and become a timid girl as a result, Soraha decided to continue on as a Lily and became the captain of the second Legion Álfheimr. She also took the Schutzengel's Oath with Kusumi.

During the Odaiba Counteroffensive, Soraha was a member of the Second Division. She was the one who dealt the final blow to the nestless Ultra.

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