Amatsu Marei

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Amatsu Marei (天津麻嶺) is a Lily who attends Ryuto Girls' Academy. She is a member of Legion Himinglæva.

History[edit | edit source]

Marei is the scion of the Japanese CHARM manufacturer Amatsu Heavy Industries. Though she is attached to Legion Himinglæva, she travels throughout all Japan, and as a result is known as the "Wandering Arsenal."

She is one of the world's top CHARM engineers, particularly when it comes to designing unique CHARMs, which are inevitably selected for mass production. This has lead to her also being known as the "CHARM Meister." The Fragarach, which she created for Amano Soraha, is particularly renowned.

In Marei's final year of junior high school as well as her first year of high school, she stayed at Yurigaoka as a visiting student and lived in the attic of the old dormitory with Uchida Mayuri. Sengo Yuuna eventually arrived to escort her back to Niigata, but the two of them were caught up in the Odaiba Counteroffensive and became famous as members of the Second Division[1].

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