Antarctic Campaign

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The Antarctic Campaign is considered to have been the first major conflict against the Huge, and occurred after an Ultra-class Huge was spotted in Antarctica[1]. While the exact year it took place in is unknown, it happened before any of the Lilies currently in their first year of high school in 2052 were born.

The Antarctic Campagn is notable for being one of the few pivotal conflicts against the Huge in which male CHARM users, and other male soldiers, played a significant role[2].

Those who fought in the Antarctic Campaign include:

Of all those who participated in the Antarctic Campagn, less than 10% survived. Those who returned safely became famous as "the heroes of Antarctica."

The Antarctic Campagn is briefly depicted in a flashback in Assault Lily: Bouquet[6]. Other than that, no Assault Lily stories feature it directly.

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