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Assault Lily x Ludvico Private Girls Academy vol.4 " White Resistance ~The Promise's Path~" (アサルトリリィ × 私立ルドビコ女学院vol.4『白きレジスタンス〜約束の行方〜』) is a stage play created by AZONE International and acus in collaboration with the theater group Ludvico Private Girls' Academy. It is the sequel to Schwester's Secret and is the third of four Ludvico stage plays. The original run ran from September 21 to 27, 2018, while the revival ran from June 30 to July 6, 2022.

A sequel, White Resistance ~The Blade of Truth~, was released November 29, 2019, with a revival set to run from September 8 to 18, 2022.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

After the events of Schwester's Secret, Izumi Rosa Rina leaves Ludvico Private Girls' Academy. Three new instructors are appointed, which are the following: Makabe Melania Sayoko, Toride Suzanne Reika, and Kaido Beatrice Chiharu, who has been in the Garden for a while.

The beginning of the play shows the Temple Legion doing the Neunwelt Tactic. Sayoko and Reika talk about the Lilies there, while in private Chiharu and Kosaka Anastasia Ryoko read a letter written by Rina. The letter states that she left after finding out the truth about the school and the Kishimoto sisters.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Fukuyama Jeanne Sachie tells Takatori Natalie Towa about the events of the previous play and how Kishimoto Maria Mirai was a Boosted Lily with Regenerator. Matsunaga Brigitta Kayo also tells her about the infiltration of GEHENA in the Garden. Li Christina Susu arrives to show her disapproval of Sachie, and Towa expresses her desire of creating a new legion for the sake of Mirai's will, and asks Sachie to join. While Tachibana Theresia Nagisa is in disbelief, Sachie starts to think about it.

Ryoko introduces the Lilies to Chiharu. They ask about Izumi, but Toride answers that she left. In training, the Lilies pair with one another. Most notably, Ichinomiya Michaela Himari is the one to instruct Hanaoka Angela Moe, which sprouts feelings of jealousy for Narumi Clara Yuko. Meanwhile, Kuroki Francisca Yuria tells Seto Veronica Ichika her fear of becoming like Mirai, and Yuria also states her concern of Ichika. After training, the Lilies are exhausted, but suddenly Yuko snaps at Moe, much to the irritation of Hojo Monica Asahi.

In the GEHENA labs in Ludvico. Reika asks Ryoko if she is the same as Rina, but the latter denies it. Kayo and her investigation partner Sano Matilda Kokoro, who are spying on them, get caught by Sayoko and Haneda Catalina Mei. The former keeps it a secret if Kokoro became friends with her, which puzzles her.

Sachie and Himari pay respects to Mirai in the Ludvico graveyard, but Sachie is still confused on what to do, wanting to honor her former Schwester's dream. Afterwards, Raimu is shown training while Seren watches. Although Seren calls her cool, Raimu says she isn't strong enoguh as the finishing shot for the Neunwelt Tactic. Ichika walks in and sees Raimu's purple Asterion, recognizing it as the same as her sister's. She says they are fine without her, expresses her desire Saeki Julia Karen to be strong without her, and leaves.

First Battle[edit | edit source]

Kaido meets Makabe again to talk about the Garden. Later, Himari compliments Moe, who is training. Suddenly Kayo runs to Himari and tells her important information, when suddenly a Cave appears.

Moe, who is inexperienced, panics, forcing Himari to protect her and fight alone. Yuria arrives and tells the two to find the other Lilies while she fights solo. The Temple Legion arrives, but they struggle against the Huge. Himari takes a blow meant for Moe, putting the legion in a tough spot. As Moe screams, she finally activates the Rare Skill Phantasm, allowing the legion to defeat the Huge. Himari heavily praises Moe, which causes an angered Yuko to leave.

After realizing Moe's Rare Skill is the key to having her ideal legion, Himari asks Sachie to fight with her together, but Sachie leaves the Temple Legion, wanting to fight for justice and questioning why there was no warning about the Cave outbreak. She meets up with Susu and Towa to create the legion, where she is made the leader. However, they need permission from the academy and are not allowed to invite Himari, as she is the leader of Temple Legion. After the battle, Yuko argues with Moe, questioning her status as Himari's Schwester. Yuko yells that Himari doesn't need her anymore, angering Asahi.

Interlude[edit | edit source]

Sachie asks Nagisa, Kayo, and Kokoro to join the new legion, but they all refuse. Yuria has a conversation with Seren where the latter mentions that the pendant came from her mother. Yuria calls Seren strong, but then talks about how the incident that made her a Boosted Lily was likely set up by GEHENA.

Nagisa witnesses Asahi training and comforts her, who is crying. Afterwards, Ichika talks with Sachie, and she reveals to her that she is quitting her role as a Lily and instead becoming an Arsenal. Sachie is disappointed and tells her if Nosaka Jacqueline Kazane, a person who gave her life saving Ichika, would want this. She leaves while Ichika ponders her decision.

In order to test Chiharu's loyalty to GEHENA, Sayoko tells Mei to give a key to her. The next scene has a conversation between Ichika and Nagisa, who heard the news from Sachie. She calls her out, claiming that she is giving up on her rivalry, but Ichika denies this. She tells her about her guilt of losing Kazane, but Nagisa reminds her that she has Karen.

In the school, Seren, sent by Mei, meets Sayoko, and they discuss her mother. However, Sayoko whispers her a secret, which causes Seren to yell in denial. Afterwards, Raimu meets Seren, and she asks about her father. Raimu says she has no memory of them, so Seren runs away quickly. Meanwhile, Chiharu tells Ryoko about the key, and Ryoko tells her to keep it a secret. Ryoko then talks to Reika.

Almost right after, Mei and Kokoro witness the death of Chiharu and start to panic. Ryoko arrives, seeing the charm marks on her, and soon after a Cave appears. Ryoko tells them to go and to forget anything happened. The Temple Legion assembles, but this time with a different roster. Ichika arrives to give Nagisa a new Gungnir, while Hasegawa Gabriella Tsugumi and Kayo decide to stay together in the Temple Legion as well.

Second Battle[edit | edit source]

Sachie's new legion is formed. with her, Raimu, Towa, and Susu currently present. However, Seren is missing, so Raimu tells Sachie to trust her as she tries to finds her.

Raimu finds Yuria, who tells her where Seren is, and then leaves the battlefield. Ichika, gaining her resolve back and wanting to continue her rivalry, arrives to give Nagisa a new Dainsleif. Afterwards, Ichika joins Ironside, and Sachie names the new legion Ironside.

Mei starts breaking down and blames herself for Sayoko's death, feeling that she is useless. Kokoro consoles her, having long accepted her, and becomes Schwesters with Mei. Yuko and Asahi also make up after their fight.

Raimu finds Seren alone fighting Huge, but she has a mental breakdown and almost attacks her. Sachie arrives and chides a panicking Seren, questioning her feelings for Mirai and asking her to stand up for justice. Once calmed down, Seren joins Ironside as well.

After the Temple Legion performs the Neunwelt Tactic, Moe fails to properly hold the magiesphere, causing near failure and forcing Ironside back to the frontlines to assist. Yuria, dressed in Ironside's jacket, suddenly appears and gives the Neunwelt bullet to the Lilies, allowing them to try again. The two legions work together and pass the Magisphere, Raimu once again landing the final shot on the Huge.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Kayo, using her insight, deduces that Raimu is actually a Boosted Lily from her mother being experimented on. She also states that this is where her Charisma comes from. Raimu and Seren meet again and apologize to each other, but then Sachie appears and says there is an emergency. In the speaker, Sayoko has announced the murder of Chiharu to the student body and claims it was the doing of Izumi Rosa Rina.

Differences[edit | edit source]

  • Compared to the original 2018 run, Takatori Natalie Towa and Li Christina Susu play a larger role in the 2022 revival, having additional scenes that show their character, fighting style, and Rare Skills. For example, after Sachie leaves Temple Legion, she meets up with them and forms the legion together, and the two appoint her as leader instantly. They also talk about going against GEHENA.
  • Seto Veronica Ichika, unlike the previous version, wears a mechanical knee brace that was given by Amatsu Marei in order to fight in the battlefield.
  • Seren in the 2022 revival mentions to Yuria that her pendant was given to her by her mother.
  • In the 2021 version of Schwester's Prayer, Marei gives Yuria her Adelring, but in the 2018 version of White Resistance ~The Promise's Path~, Ichika is the one to give it to Yuria here.
  • Instead of the Neunwelt Tactic being done by only Legion Ironside, members of Temple Legion join them as well.
  • The ending of the new version also features a cameo from Izumi Rosa Rina, who is wearing a black hood.

Cast (2021 revival)[edit | edit source]

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