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This page provides help and tips with some special editing tasks on this wiki that you won't find in the MediaWiki help.

Sandbox[edit | edit source]

You are welcome to test out wiki formatting or other edits on the Assault Lily Wiki:Sandbox before going live with them on other pages.

The PageNotice bug[edit | edit source]

Due to the PageNotice extension and the way it's being used on this wiki, whenever you save a page after editing it, it will look like the entire text of the page was mysteriously repeated. Reload the page and this should fix itself.

How to make pages have nice previews[edit | edit source]

It unfortunately takes some extra work to make wiki pages have nice previews when linked on places like Discord or Twitter.

Thumbnails[edit | edit source]

If you used an infobox on your article and included an image, it probably already set a thumbnail image for that page. Click on "Page information" on the bottom of the left-hand sidebar to check. If you see a 'page image' and it's the one you want, you're good to go.

Some pages have images, but no infobox. If that's the case, edit the page's source and look for a line of code like this:

[[Image:Dengeki World Guide Lilies.jpg|300px|right|thumb|Two Lilies fighting the Huge]]

Change it to this:

[[Image:{{#setmainimage:Dengeki World Guide Lilies.jpg}}|300px|right|thumb|Two Lilies fighting the Huge]]

That will set your page image.

If you want your page image to be something different from the one you're using in an infobox, ask on the community portal. We will need to make special arrangements.

Page descriptions[edit | edit source]

To improve how your page looks when previewed, you'll need to manually specify a description in its source code, like so:

{{#description2:Lilies are the teenage girls who serve as the front line of defense against the Huge. They are stationed at Gardens, military institutions which train them and serve as bases for their operations. They fight in groups known as legions, which usually consist of nine Lilies.}} <!-- This text will appear as the page description on Discord, Twitter, etc. embeds -->

Try to limit the description to two or three sentences. Wiki markup like '''bold text''' and [[links]] does not work in descriptions; don't use it. The description will be hidden from people browsing the Wiki, and can differ as little or as much from the page's actual content as you'd like.

Navboxes on mobile[edit | edit source]

If you put navboxes on a page and then try to view the page on mobile, you'll find they are eaten by the last of the collapsed headers, normally 'References'. To avoid this, ideally pages should use Template:Navboxes as a wrapper around the navboxes. This template performs some magic to teleport the navboxes out of the header.

However, due to technical limitations, this template has to be substituted into the pages themselves or it won't work.

Use the code


(to a maximum of 5 navboxes, hopefully all any page will ever need)

Next time you edit the page you'll find it doesn't look like a template anymore, but like some HTML code. Leave it alone as long as everything seems to be working.