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These are romanizations and translations that should be kept consistent on this wiki, so as not to confuse readers. You will not be punished if you use something different, but text you wrote may be edited to conform with these. Please do not engage in edit wars. If you disagree with any of these, you can bring it up on the talk page.

The "May appear elsewhere as..." column is for reference only. Do not use these translations on this wiki.

None of this applies to Original Lily content, which can use whichever terms the page creator prefers (but again, please do not engage in edit wars.)

Original Translation Notes May appear elsewhere as...
リリィ Lily, Lilies Always capitalize
マギ Magi Always capitalize magie
魔法 Magi Less common synonym
Lit. 'magic', and in some contexts just means that
正のマギ, プラスマギ positive Magi "Plus Magi" was first used only in late 2023 and sounds awkward, so we've elected to ignore it. Plus Magi[1]
負のマギ, マイナスマギ negative Magi "Minus Magi" was first used only in late 2023 and sounds awkward, so we've elected to ignore it. Minus Magi[2]
ヒュージ Huge Always capitalize (do not write in all caps)
The plural should also be 'Huge' (not 'Huges')
チャーム CHARM Always write in all caps
レアスキル Rare Skill Always capitalize
サブスキル subskill
異能 aberration ability
特異点のリリィ singular Lily
スキラー数値 Skiller Value Always capitalize
レギオン legion Capitalize if part of a proper noun (like "Legion Ráðgríðr")
主将, 隊長 captain
副将 vice-captain
司令塔 commander command tower
ガーデン Garden Always capitalize
アーセナル Arsenal Always capitalize
工廠科 Arsenal Less common synonym
In some contexts, means "Arsenal Department"
強化リリィ, ブーステッドリリィ Boosted Lily Always capitalize Enhanced Lily
マディック Madec Always capitalize Maddic
ノインヴェルト戦術 Neunwelt ___ Always capitalize both words
You can use whichever translation of the 2nd word you prefer
Neun Welt ____

Garden Names[edit | edit source]

Original Translation Notes
私立 Private
女, 女子 Girls'
高等学校, 高校 High School
学校 School Except when part of 高等学校
学院, 学館, 学園 Academy
学薗 Conservatory

References[edit | edit source]