B-type Armament

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The Nægling, a B-type Armament

B-type Armaments (B型兵装) are CHARMs equipped with "ring cartridge systems", attachments used mainly by the Dueling Generation before the Neunwelt Tactic came into widespread use; they are now considered hazardous and, in principle, are no longer used. B stands for "Berserk."

Ring cartridge systems use rings charged with Magi to supply extra Magi to the crystal core, forcing the CHARM into an overheated state. A CHARM thus overheated is very powerful and can kill Large-type Huge in one hit, but its autoguard system no longer functions at all, and there's a high chance of the wielder being seriously or even fatally injured if she's counterattacked[1]. This was directly responsible for the deaths of many Lilies from the Dueling Generation. However, Lilies of that generation are still proud to have wielded B-type Armaments, as it was those CHARMs which gave them the power to protect their loved ones at the time[2].

A ring cartridge system can be installed on any CHARM to make it into a B-type Armament, though they work best when the CHARM is designed with such a system in mind[3]. In some cases, the ring cartridge is worn by the Lily herself, taking the form of an actual ring on her finger[4].

The use of B-type Armaments lead to two battle tactics which are uncommon nowadays: the mandatory inclusion of an Arsenal in a legion so that she can quickly reboot overheated CHARMs[5]—a policy still followed by Odaiba Girls' School and Makuhari Girls' High School of Science and Engineering—and the use of Z to rewind time and return overheated CHARMs to a usable state. The latter technique is called the Impactor Style[6].

Funada Ui is one of the few active Lilies who still uses a B-type Armament, the Nægling; she's been quoted as saying "They're perfectly safe, as long as you don't let yourself get hit."[7] Yamanashi Hibari's Ascalon is also equipped with a ring cartridge system[8]. The Valkyria Skirt Magi Reincarnation System, developed by Odaiba's Arsenal department, is able to negate the drawbacks of a B-type Armament once per battle[9].

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