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Hata Matsuri (秦祀) is a Lily who attends Yurigaoka Girls' Academy. She is the captain of Legion Eir. As the President of the Class Representative Liaison Assembly, she is the acting Ortlinde until such a time as Yamazaki Meika is able to resume her duties.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Matsuri has a gentle, big-sisterly demeanor, but is terrifying when she gets angry[1]. She "may" have a jealous streak[2].

Matsuri holds the opinion that Yurigaoka should prioritize defending Kamakura over mounting expeditions to other regions, though she is not as extreme in this view as those considered to be hardline "Kamakura First" ideologues, including many of the members of Legion Schwertleite[3].

Matsuri isn't an ambitious person, and Futagawa Fumi doesn't think she's particularly interested in being voted Ortlinde[4].

History[edit | edit source]

Matsuri did not aspire to be a Lily early in life. Her potential as one was uncovered by a Magi reaction test at her civilian school[5]. She entered Yurigaoka during her junior high school years.

Matsuri had a childhood friend, Yamada Uta[6], whose Schutzengel she planned to become after they were both admitted to Yurigaoka. Tragically, when a Huge outbreak occurred while Uta was in junior high school, despite not having a CHARM, she sacrificed her life so that the civilians nearby could escape. She was buried in Yurigaoka's graveyard[7]. Uta was said to be stunningly beautiful[8], and a sweet girl with a similar personality to Egawa Kusumi[9]. Futagawa Fumi believes that Matsuri's "Kamakura first" leanings are most likely a result of Uta's untimely death[10].

Another friend of Matsuri's from her junior high school years was Monica Rossi. Though Monica was supportive of Matsuri and Uta's plans to enter a Schutzengel contract, Fumi thinks she may now have an interest in becoming Matsuri's Schild herself[11].

There was an occasion upon which, as the members of the junior high school student council were verbally excoriating Takeda Mimi, Matsuri stood up and defended her against everyone else, despite being terrified herself. Mimi has never forgotten this and has been devoted to Matsuri ever since[12].

Matsuri became friends with Omodaka Tae via her legion member, Sakurai Hazuki. When they were students in Hijiribashi's junior high school division, Hazuki and Tae promised to apply for Yurigaoka's high school together, but after Tae was injured during the examination, she wasn't allowed to enter Yurigaoka and had to continue on to Hijiribashi's high school instead. Nonetheless, Tae sometimes comes to visit Hazuki, and she met Matsuri during one of these visits[13].

At some point, Matsuri saved the life of Kimura Kazuki, and Kazuki is now personally loyal to her[14]. Kazuki and Mimi often fight over Matsuri's affections, though they work together excellently in battle[15].

Matsuri cast her vote against allowing Legion Álfheimr to go on expedition to assist Ryuto Girls' School, in what would later be known as the Niigata Recapture[16]. After the vote passed, she told Amano Soraha "Soraha-san, I wish you luck, but more than anything, please come back safely."[17]

Combat Style[edit | edit source]

Matsuri is a well-rounded Lily with a dueling-focused style. She specializes in providing support from the BZ, but she is also capable of doing the Neunwelt Tactic's finish shot[18], and it is not uncommon for her to move forward to the TZ or AZ[19].

Matsuri's preferred CHARM is her Durandal. She uses a prototype model, rather than a custom-built model like Uchida Mayuri's.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Matsuri's favorite food is namerou[20].
  • Matsuri's hobbies are writing poetry[20], and playing shogi and go[21].
  • Matsuri has been featured in World Lily Graphic magazine[22].
  • Matsuri is said to be the most politically influential second-year Lily at Yurigaoka[23].
  • In Assault Lily: Last Bullet, Matsuri mentions that Monica Rossi gave her Valentine's Day chocolate, and they've known one another ever since Matsuri entered Yurigaoka during junior high school.
  • As Shirai Yuyu's roommate, it often falls to Matsuri to wake Yuyu up in the morning[24].
  • Matsuri is currently mentoring Hitotsuyanagi Riri as a BZ Lily[19].
  • Fumi considers Matsuri one of her role models as a BZ Lily[25].
  • Fumi thinks that if she could invite any Lily to Team Hitotsuyanagi to improve the legion's performance, Matsuri would be an excellent choice, though it would result in Fumi herself becoming a reserve member[26].
  • There is an unknown third-year Lily in one of the legions politically opposed to Legion Eir who especially cares about Matsuri[27], and who it's rumored Matsuri wants to take the Schutzengel's Oath with[28]. Fumi knows who the Lily is, but has thus far refused to reveal her identity.
  • Matsuri's given name means "worship". Her surname, Hata, was originally borne by descendants of the Qin dynasty who came to Japan.
    • Matsuri's surname may be a reference to the real-world architect Hata Tomohiro. If so, it is less direct than most such references, as her surname is written with a different character from Hata Tomohiro's.

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References[edit | edit source]

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