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Hitotsuyanagi Yuri (一柳結梨) was a Lily who attended Yurigaoka Girls' Academy. A mysterious girl with no memory who was discovered on a beach near Yurigaoka, she was enrolled in the Garden as a political stratagem to protect her. Hitotsuyanagi Riri, the one who had discovered her, was made Yuri's caretaker; she also joined Riri's legion, Team Hitotsuyanagi. Not long afterwards, Yuri sacrificed her life to destroy a Huge that was attacking Yurigaoka from the sea, exhibiting powers thought impossible as she did.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yuri was a bright and innocent girl most distinguished by her attachment to Riri, to the point that others referred to them as "like mother and daughter[1]." She charmed others easily as well, and was friendly with everyone in Team Hitotsuyanagi by the time of her death. She sometimes became upset when Riri had to go somewhere without her or when others attempted to separate the two of them, but was rarely anything other than cheerful.

Yuri was also notable for her bravery; she fearlessly faced enemies that were far larger and stronger than her on the few occasions on which she fought.

History[edit | edit source]

When the bones of many Huge killed by an unknown cause were found on a beach near Yurigaoka, Team Hitotsuyanagi was sent to investigate. There, Hitotsuyanagi Riri found a gelatinous capsule around the size of a person, along with many apparently damaged capsules of the same type. As she was near the intact capsule, her CHARM spontaneously activated and had a reaction with it. A strange girl, wearing nothing, then emerged from the capsule; her first act was to embrace Riri.

Team Hitotsuyanagi took the girl back to the Yurigaoka infirmary, where they identified that she was a Lily with a Skiller Value of 50. She was unable to remember anything, and her details did not match those of any missing Lilies on record. Takamatsu Kogetsu was approached by the government's Security Inspection Committee about allowing them to take custody of the girl, but denied their request, as she was a Lily and not a civilian. He entrusted her to Hata Matsuri, who in turn asked Riri to become the girl's caretaker, as Riri had kept the girl company during her stay in the infirmary and the two had bonded with one another. When Riri spoke to the rest of Team Hitotsuyanagi, they agreed to help care for her.

Matsuri suggested giving the girl a name for convenience, and Riri began to temporarily call her "Yuri", a combination of her own name and Shirai Yuyu's that had originally been invented by Futagawa Fumi to refer to the two of them as a couple. When the rest of Team Hitotsuyanagi found out, most of them approved of the name (to the dismay of Riri, who had hoped to come up with a better one) and Fumi registered Yuri as a member of their legion, giving her the surname "Hitotsuyanagi" as well[1].

After Yuri was discharged from the infirmary, Kaede Johan Nouvel was forced to take in the girl as her roommate, since she was the only member of their legion without one. Kaede was originally upset by this, but later became fond of Yuri, finding common ground with her in their mutual adoration of Riri[2].

In order to give Yuri the ability to defend herself, Kogetsu had her officially enrolled in Yurigaoka as a Lily, and issued her a ring and a used Gungnir. Yuri then took part in the Garden's athletic competition, subbing in for Miliam Hildegard von Guropius in an exhibition match against a powerful robotic Huge designed by its creator Mashima Moyu to pummel Miliam. Despite it being her first real battle, Yuri won an impressive victory against the Mecha Rumpelstilzchen[3].

Though tests had shown with 99.9% certainty that Yuri's DNA was human, GEHENA and Grand Guignol made a claim that the girl was an experimental "synthetic Lily" jointly created by them from Huge stem cells, and demanded that the Japanese government return her to them. Upon hearing this, Riri fled from Yurigaoka together with Yuri. The government then directly ordered legions from Yurigaoka and other Gardens to arrest Riri and capture Yuri. As vice-captain of Team Hitotsuyanagi, Yuyu decided to ignore the order and have their legion search for the two in order to protect them. Just as they found Riri and Yuri, Kogetsu and Moyu successfully convinced the government to recognize Yuri as a human Lily and rescind the capture order.

Shortly afterwards, an unknown type of Huge attacked Yurigaoka from the sea. When Team Hitotsuyanagi responded to the attack, Yuri charged at the Huge alone, running across the surface of the ocean using what appeared to others to be a combination of Shukuchi and Phase Transcendence. Riri attempted to follow her using Magi jumps, but was struck by an energy bullet before she could catch up.

Yuri engaged the Huge in close combat and destroyed it with a slash so powerful that it broke her CHARM's core and incinerated her as well. Her last words when alive were "I did it, Riri![4]"

At an unknown date following Yuri's death, while Riri was visiting Yuri's grave together with the rest of her legion, she saw a mysterious vision of the girl. Yuri told Riri, "I'm so glad. I was able to become a Lily! Now I can be together with you, Riri, and everyone else forever! Promise me that you won't forget me!" before disappearing again[5].

Combat Style[edit | edit source]

Yuri's combat style was taught to her by Yuyu, following the same basic principles that Yuyu had previously taught to Riri: "Deliberately take the hit, deflect it, and strike[3]."

During her final battle, Yuri appeared to use multiple Rare Skills, even though it's normally believed impossible for a Lily to have more than one Rare Skill. She also delivered attacks far more powerful than an ordinary Lily was capable of. Due to her death, the mysteries surrounding Yuri's combat abilities in this battle went unsolved.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Assault Lily: Last Bullet, Yuri has a unique Rare Skill called "Cheer", which may not be a real Rare Skill. Its in-game effect is identical to that of Regista.
  • The characters in Yuri's given name mean "tie/bind" (結) and "nashi pear" (梨). Her surname, Hitotsuyanagi, literally means "one willow."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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