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Ito Shizu (伊東閑) is a Lily who attends Yurigaoka Girls' Academy. She is the captain of Legion Schwarz Grail. Her Schutzengel is Kemmochi Noriko.

History[edit | edit source]

Shizu has attended Yurigaoka since kindergarten. By the time she was in the third year of Yurigaoka's junior high school division, Shizu was recognized as one of the most promising Lilies of her age, and nicknamed one of the "Three Princesses" along with Kudo Sakua and Tachihara Sayu[1].

When the two of them entered high school, Yurigaoka chose Shizu to be Riri Hitotsuyanagi's roommate, seeing her as well qualified to help Riri learn to become a Lily[2]. She often helps Riri with studying[3].

Shizu was under too much emotional strain at the time of the junior high school reserve team evaluation to take part in it[4], and was not present when Kaede Johan Nouvel lead St. Mercurius to victory over Yurigaoka. Kaede nonetheless sees her as a rival, due to Riri and Shizu being roommates[5]. According to Kaede, whenever she tries to sneak into Riri's room at night to get a look at Riri's sleeping face, Shizu catches and stops her[6].

Shizu also has a friendly rivalry with her fellow Princess, Tachihara Sayu[7]. This is despite the fact that during junior high school, Shizu was a candidate to become Takegoshi Chihana's Schild, but Chihana chose Sayu instead[8].

Family[edit | edit source]

Shizu's family manages a large business conglomerate.

Shizu's half-sister, Ito Naehi, once attended Yurigaoka's junior high school division together with her and the two were close. Because of their family situation, Naehi had to transfer to Sagami and they can't keep in touch, which has been upsetting for Shizu[9].

Although not a blood relative of hers, Maekawa Kina was born into a family that has served the Ito family for generations, and grew up together with Shizu. She calls Shizu "Miss" in the manner of a servant[10].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shizu's hobbies are drinking tea and collecting miniature teddy bears[11].
  • Shizu likes bears because they are cute. (Although she has not asked Shizu, Futagawa Fumi is pretty sure she only means teddy bears, not real bears[12].)
  • Shizu has recently started learning Arsenal work, specifically CHARM maintenance[13].
  • Shizu is considered a Lily otaku and is very knowledgeable about other Lilies. Her main interest is in Lilies' battlefield abilities, rather than gossip[14].
  • In Assault Lily: Last Bullet, Shizu mentions getting "friend chocolate" for many people on Valentine's Day, while giving a more special chocolate to her Schutzengel, Noriko. She says that she was indebted to Noriko even before becoming her Schild.
  • Shizu's given name means "quiet". The characters in her surname, Itou, literally mean "that one" (伊) and "east" (東).
    • Shizu's surname may be a reference to the real-world architect Ito Toyo.

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References[edit | edit source]

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