Kaiseizan Girls' High School

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Kaiseizan Girls' High School (甲斐聖山女子高等学校) is a Garden in Yamanashi, Japan.

Location[edit | edit source]

Kaiseizan is located just north of Mount Fuji, within the city of Fujiyoshida in the southeast part of Yamanashi Prefecture. Though Yamanashi as a whole is considered a fallen region, Kaiseizan continues to operate as a Garden with support from Kamakura[1].

Overview[edit | edit source]

Prior to the fall of Yamanashi, Kaiseizan was considered the strongest Garden in the prefecture[2]. It particularly focuses on the cultivation of the Rare Skills Heliosphere, Z and Testament[3], and has a special course of study for Testament users[4]. The Garden is reportedly not knowledgeable about other Rare Skills due to this focus[3].

Kaiseizan is the only Garden known to teach the Kataphraktos Tactic as part of its standard curriculum. Their focus on the Kataphraktos Tactic is further demonstrated by the fact that their traditional oath of sisterhood is taken by three Lilies (because the Kataphraktos Tactic can be executed by a minimum of three[5].) The resulting Lilies are known as Fang Sisters, and can be in any school year relative to one another.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Koshu Evacuation, the student council president of Kaiseizan, Kurumatani Keine, pushed to have the Garden abandon its grounds and retreat to Kamakura. She was opposed by a faction lead by Yumeno Kanon, at the time in her third year of junior high school. Keine eventually lead about 30% of Kaiseizan's Lilies in a partial retreat, while the remaining Lilies stayed at Kaiseizan, determined to defend it even in the heart of occupied territory[1]. Many of the former Kaiseizan students who fled to Kamakura, including Keine, enrolled in Yurigaoka[6].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kaiseizan literally means "Kai Holy Mountain", Kai being a traditional name for Yamanashi.

References[edit | edit source]