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Kishimoto Maria Mirai (岸本・マリア・未来) is a Lily who attends Ludvico Private Girls' Academy. She is the older sister of Kishimoto Lucia Raimu, former Schwester of Fukuyama Jeanne Sachie, and childhood friend of Amamiya Sophia Seren. Mirai is widely considered the strongest Lily in Ludvico before her death.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Prior to her death, Mirai is shown to be a kind girl is compassionate and cares for her loved ones. As a result, many Lilies hold her in high regard, such as Nagasawa Yuki, Izue Shinobu, and Maruyama Amane. Mirai's sister, Kishimoto Lucia Raimu, looks up to her a lot.

History[edit | edit source]

In the past, Mirai and her younger sister Kishimoto Lucia Raimu met Amamiya Sophia Seren, and they became childhood friends. The latter promised her that she will protect Raimu.

Mirai enrolled in Ludvico Private Girls' Academy, being known as the strongest Lily there. Eventually, Mirai was experimented on by GEHENA, turning her into a Boosted Lily.

While preparing for the Makuhari Recapture, Mirai met Nagasawa Yuki and became friends with her. When Yuki's relationship with the Funada twins became strained, Mirai gave advice to her. She also gave Yuki a purple ribbon.

During her 2nd year Mirai met Fukuyama Jeanne Sachie and became Schwesters with her. She was very close with her, even telling her about her dream of helping humanity. Afterwards, Mirai gave a pendant to Seren to give to Raimu, however, she muttered that she doesn't need to give it anymore. Mirai later left the academy and quit being a Lily, saddening Sachie.

Mirai died in the fight against the Huge while protecting Raimu and Seren.

Stage plays[edit | edit source]

Schwester's Prayer[edit | edit source]

Mirai is only shown in flashbacks, but her death is the catalyst for the grief of several characters, such as her sister Kishimoto Lucia Raimu and Fukuyama Jeanne Sachie.

Schwester's Secret[edit | edit source]

Mirai returns in Schwester's Prayer, resurrected from the dead by GEHENA, killing a Huge that the Temple Legion were fighting. She attempts to kill her own sister Raimu, but is stopped by Sachie and Seren. A fight erupts with Mirai victorious, but she starts regaining her sanity after Sachie shows her pendant. After telling the three that she's glad they are doing well, Mirai asks them to kill her the next time they see each other.

Once again, Mirai returns to finish off a Huge that the Temple Legion is finishing off, but she also causes an explosion that separates half of the legion. Another one sided fight occurs, with Mirai incapacitating Tachibana Theresia Nagisa and Ichinomiya Michaela Himari. After Seren and Sachie hold her down, Raimu kills her with the Magie collected from the Neunwelt. Her last words are that she is proud of the three.

White Resistance ~The Promise's Path~[edit | edit source]

In White Resistance ~The Promise's Path~, Takatori Natalie Towa mentions wanting to carry on Mirai's will as the reason for desiring to create a new legion. Sachie later pays her respects to her grave, asking her what she should do.

The Singular Ability[edit | edit source]

Mirai does not appear in The Singular Ability, however, she is shown in a flashback while Yuki reminisces the words she told her in the past.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mirai's younger sister, Kishimoto Lucia Raimu, is a kindhearted and hard working girl who also attends Ludvico Private Girls' Academy. Although she was formerly in the Temple Legion, she is now in Legion Ironside and plays a support role with her Rare Skill Charisma.

Mirai's father was a professor and researcher in GEHENA. He is currently missing, although he is implied to still be alive.

Mirai's mother was killed during the war against the Huge. She was also a test subject for GEHENA's experiments of making Boosted Lilies by birth.

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