Kurokawa Nady Hanna

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Kurokawa Nady Hanna (黒川・ナディ・絆奈) is a Lily who attends Yurigaoka Girls' Academy. She is a member of Legion Sanngriðr.

History[edit | edit source]

She is half-American[6] and was born in Boston[7]. Her parents are still alive[8].

According to rumour, Hanna was subject to experiment in a no-longer-existing offshore research facility. The lab, where they perform dangerous experiments, is like an aircraft carrier that cruise on the Pacific[9].

During her earlier days in Yurigaoka, Hanna used to live in the Special Dormitory. Here she became friend with Kusumi who also moved to the Special Dormitory.

Hanna is known as a friendly girl, but her ability beyond being a boosted lily is not acknowledged. Misaka is one of the few who actually sees her talent, and stay by her side in trainings[10]. The proposal for schutzengel pact came from Hanna[11].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The gesture of kissing her pinky after battle is her prayer for the friends she lost in the research facility[12].
    • According to Hanna, her friend is a cheerful and talkative person[13].
  • She can speak English, although she almost never use it in daily conversation[14].
  • Hanna has similarity to Kozue from Hronesnæsse. Both has Phantasm skill. They are half (Kozue had English father, while Hanna had American father). Their uniform design also has elements from Japanese clothes.
  • She likes pizza and cola[15].

References[edit | edit source]