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Creators Collaboration -Loving Peace-

Creators Collaboration -Loving Peace- (クリエイターズコラボ-らぶらぶぴーす-) is a memoria in Assault Lily: Last Bullet.

When equipped to a unit, it increases the unit's status and can be used to activate skills in battle. The skill activated depends on the type of battle being fought.

Basic Data[edit | edit source]

Status[edit | edit source]

Attribute Category Rarity (Maximum) Cost Battle Power (Maximum)
Light Assistance 6★ 21 12048
Base 706 623 711 608
Maximum 4334 2095 3539 2080

The displayed maximum status is after all strengthening, limit breaks, evolution and awakenings possible.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Description MP Consumption Effect Time
Anti-HUGE Light: Guard Assist B Ⅲ Greatly increases DEF of 1-2 allies. In addition, the effect is increased while an ally is activating the Order skill "Light Attribute Effect Increase". *When using an Order with a skill that increases the effect of multiple attributes, the first attribute listed in the skill name is targeted. 22 0
Legion Match Dark Guard Assist B Ⅱ Greatly increases DEF and Darkness Defense Power of 1-2 allies. 22 0
Legion Match Support Support: Support UP Ⅲ When supporting / obstructing, the effect of supporting / obstructing is massively increased with a certain probability. 0

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