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Miyagawa Takane (宮川高嶺) is a Lily who attends Kamba Girls' High School for the Fine Arts. She is a member of Legion Gran Eple.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Takane enjoys playfully flirting with other girls, especially younger ones, which often makes Kanaho exasperated with her[1].

History[edit | edit source]

Takane's mother was a friend of Kon Kanaho's mother, so the two grew up together from an early age and have been close friends since they were children. They became Lilies and enrolled in Odaiba Girls' School together, where they were selected to be part of the Funada Reserve Team. Takane was already popular during her time in Odaiba[2].

In their last year of junior high school, Takane was severely injured while protecting Kanaho, and Kanaho blamed herself for the injury for a considerable length of time. The two Lilies both transferred to Kamba for high school, where they enrolled in the landscaping department. Takane is still friendly towards her old acquaintances from Odaiba[3].

Anime/game[edit | edit source]

At Kamba, Kanaho and Takane were selected for the top legion, Gran Eple, with Kanaho as the legion's captain. They took part in the Makuhari Recapture. Takane later described this year as "quite a taxing time for us and for Gran Eple"[4], and it is unknown what happened to those who were members of Gran Eple during it, aside from Kanaho and Takane.

During Kanaho and Takane's second year at Kamba, Kanaho was once again appointed captain of Gran Eple and Takane a member of it, but the other three members—Sadamori Himeka, Tamba Akari and Toki Kureha—were first-year Lilies newly enrolled in the Garden. Though Kanaho had some initial misgivings about the new members, Takane was hopeful that they could become reliable teammates and help her and Kanaho move on from the past.

Combat Style[edit | edit source]

Takane's Risanautr is considered a difficult CHARM to use, requiring both raw physical power due to its size and evasion ability to be able to handle its offensive focus[5]. It's proof of Takane's physical strength that she can wield it at all[6]. Due to an injury in the past, Takane's Magie capacity has significantly dropped which makes it her greatest weakness in a long term battle. Because of this, Takane always fight in rushed way to defeat all the Huge in the shortest time as possible before she ran out of Magie.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Takane likes sweets, especially the tarts that Kanaho bakes. She dislikes carrots.
  • Takane has trouble waking up in the morning.
  • Takane has many fans, both at Kamba and at other gardens, due to her history as part of the Funada Reserve Team[7].
  • Fumi thinks Takane would have joined Legion Hronesnæsse if she'd stayed at Odaiba, and that with her and Kanaho in it, it would have been a rank SSS legion.[8].
  • Takane is the tallest playable character in Assault Lily: Last Bullet. However, the tallest known Lily is not her, but Hirotsu Yuzutsu.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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