Odaiba Girls' School

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Odaiba Girls' School (御台場女学校) is a Garden in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

Location[edit | edit source]

Odaiba Girls' School has a number of facilities in the Odaiba area of Tokyo. Its main campus and Madec Academy are located in the neighborhood formerly known as Harumi[1], just behind the Light Wall.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Odaiba is characterized by the world of "Beowulf," which is similar to Norse mythology. Originating from the fact that Beowulf was a strong physical warrior, the school offers a Spartan education in both mind and body, with Western swordsmanship and fighting techniques as required subjects. Upon entering the school, all students are required to have a Jötunn-Schwert at all times, due to the school's strong commitment to the sword.

In the past, Odaiba did not focus on foreign expeditions and was very localized. In recent years, however, the existence of Legion Hronesnæsse and Legion Heorot Saints has changed this trend, as proven with their assistance to Team Hitotsuyanagi multiple times. Despite this, Odaiba is stated to be inferior to the other top Gardens in other prefectures, and it is said that Odaiba will struggle to become a world class Garden.

After establishing a sister relationship with St. Mercurius International School, Odaiba has been able to establish its current position as a nurturing Garden.

Legion System[edit | edit source]

Ever since the Odaiba Counteroffensive, Odaiba Girls' School has switched to an instructor approval legion system. Three famous legions oversee the whole system, which are the following:

After the transition, the ring necklaces with the legion emblems that were awarded during the top Legion system have been carried over. Each Legion grants matching unit emblem ring necklaces to its members.

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