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Welcome to the Original Lily Hub!

Original Lilies are fan-made characters that exist, unofficially, in the Assault Lily universe. They often come alongside their own original legions, Gardens, and CHARMs. Traditionally, OriLily creators invent entirely new Rare Skills and other powers sparingly, but there are no limits on creativity (as long as you don't take canon characters unchanged from other stories and call them Lilies; the wiki staff will frown on that.)

If you want to make a page for your OriLily or other original creation, see the Creating Original Content header below.

Categories[edit | edit source]

Original Lilies Original Legions
Original Gardens Original CHARMs
Other Original Material

Creating Original Content[edit | edit source]

Please start by reviewing the Wiki Rules. In particular, be aware that you must have personally created (or gotten explicit permission to redistribute from the creator or rightsholder) any images, media or text that you upload to the Assault Lily Wiki except for official Assault Lily material.

After you've done that, create a page using the below form (be sure that your page name starts with "Original:", and that you select the right template):

If the page name you want is taken, you can qualify it with a suffix in parentheses like "(The legion/garden the OriLily is in)" or "(Your wiki username)".

Once you're editing the new page, click the 'Create source' tab at the top before you do anything else. The visual editor does not play well with the infobox templates used on this wiki; to modify them, you will need to be in source edit mode. (After you're satisfied with your infobox, it's safe to make changes to the rest of the page in the visual editor.)

Fill out the template you loaded, and add any additional text that you want to. Then when you're done, click "Save page" at the bottom.

Congratulations! Your creation is now on the wiki for all to see.

Uploading Images[edit | edit source]

Want to upload an image related to your original content? You can do it from Special:Upload.

Name the image something descriptive, and choose a license (probably "Fan image" or "Free image".)

Also note in the summary how you got permission to upload the image - "I created this image", "I am the commissioner of this image", "I asked (artist name) and they gave me permission to upload this image", "This image is public domain", etc. Then add it onto your OC wiki page.

Any images which are uploaded, but not promptly used on a wiki page, will be deleted.

Other Places of Interest[edit | edit source]