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Tsukihana Harumi (月花春美) is a Lily who attends Herensuge Girls' Academy. She doesn't belong to any Legion currently and often avoiding joining one for her own good.

Background[edit | edit source]

Coming from a Japanese traditional family, she alongside with her bigger sister Chinatsu was trained to be elite with both Katana wielding skill by their father and material arts skill by their mother, other than that they also excel in their classes at school before becoming a Lily.

Due to the age gap between the two sister, Chinatsu became a Lily first, everyone was happy for her until a year later, Harumi got strike with the information about Chinatsu sacrifice on the battlefield against the Huge. Through investigating, the information was becoming clear that someone or some Lily abuse her to the point of putting her in a situation that she died. Sadly, the investigating stopped there and no more information about the case or the Lily responsible for Chinatsu's death could be found, the only information that they could found that is Chinatsu attending garden was Herensuge.

Losing her sister, Harumi fell into wormhole of sadness, she remembers the smile and the kindness that her sister always has, Harumi question why must it be her big sister, a person so kind and so nice and therefore she grows her hatred toward Lily or specifically "Lily who bully others" but her skepticism never allowed her to fully trust any Lily at all, for her own good she said.

Harumi swore to never becoming a Lily until one day, the test showed that she could become a Lily and instead of rejecting or refusing to become a Lily, she set foot into that one garden to be believed that taken her sister life, Herensuge, not for vengeance nor hatred, she attending this place just to make sure that no more Lily will die on the battlefield.

"I wanted a world where Lily not having to sacrifice themselves"

Personality[edit | edit source]

Harumi is a quiet type of girl who doesn't want other to involve in her daily life as much as possible, it gotten to a point where her answer is merely written on a board or a blank page of her note instead of saying it out shortly and if someone asked her a question that she can either say yes or no, her answer will just be a nod and a shake. Perhaps you can hear her out if you are in a moment of danger, that is when you can hear Harumi voice telling you crucial information that can save your life.

Despite all of that, she still a kind hearted girl who willing to help people around her out if she can.

She also treated her friend well, too well perhaps, she willing to do anything in order to save her friend from dying. Her kindness gotten to the point where she would be stepping up and threatening "Bad" Lily and even fight them just to protect other Lily.

Harumi is always suspicious of order from the above to her so she never trusted it and always trust her instinct to tell her what to do, that is why she is low in rank but she doesn't get expel despite so because the Garden is seeing potential in her.

Hobbies[edit | edit source]

Harumi loves her peace so as soon as she got free times, she would run away from every human existence and enjoy her time in somewhere quiet and peaceful, her favorite spot as a child is a forest near her house, she loves the sound of wind leaves. From what she describes it is better than any pieces of music a musician could make.

Other than that, she would just stay in her room and continue writing her novel that she has always write since she was seven. Her first novel was "The Bird and Her Hope for Peace" talking about a Bird flying around the world seeing war and at the end of her flight, she wishes for peace to come and at the end of her life, peace came.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Harumi has a sooth long black hair and blue eyes. She is short due to her choice of meal being sweet food over any savory and vegetable.

In battle she usually wears a pair of white and black gloves with her right hands being white and her left hands being black, it is a way to feel that she is still fighting with Chinatsu because Chinatsu would wear a pair of black gloves while Harumi wear the white one.

Thanks to her relationship with the arsenal lilies after saving them on the battlefield, she got two charm to work with, the Járngreipr and the Futsunomitama but often the choice that she would use is the Futsunomitama because that is what her sister excel at, on a hard fight she would use the Járngreipr due to her better skill at material arts.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Harumi is a friend with a girl named Hikari, who is her dorm mate and often join her for the saving she did. Hikari was first saved by Harumi during their first expedition.

She also a close friend to one of the arsenal lily name Yuma who provided her with the CHARM she currently using.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Harumi's favorite food is chocolate cake.
  • Harumi hates vegetables.
  • The kanji in Harumi's given name mean "spring" (春) and "beauty" (美). Her surname, Tsukihana, literally means "moon flower."