Singular Lily

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Singular Lilies (特異点のリリィ) are a category of Lilies with abilities that are particularly unique and powerful. GEHENA prefers to target these Lilies for experimentation, as boosting them will result in stronger Boosted Lilies[1].

Types of Lilies that have been described as "singular" are:

  • Lilies with aberrations that are both natural and remarkably strong
  • Lilies with Rank S Rare Skills that have developed additional powers related to those skills (e.g. Amano Soraha's ability to shield herself with a beam coat using Heliosphere). These abilities are considered to be almost on the level of aberrations due to their extreme rarity[2].
    • These Lilies are sometimes known specifically as "Rank S singular Lilies[3]."
  • Lilies who are uniquely strong in other ways

Individual Lilies who have explicitly been referred to as singular Lilies are:

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