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Mon-chan, Kaede Johan Nouvel's penguin support robot

Support robots are small animal-shaped robots that, in the Assault Lily world, are kept as pets and companions by people who live in places where real pets are not allowed. Yurigaoka Girls' Academy is implied to be one of these places (though Banshoya Ena has a non-robotic African lungfish named "Nyoro", so not every type of pet is prohibited.) Support robots are equipped with personality AIs, which can be customized to their owner's liking[1].

Support robots don't come with weapons, but it is possible to install weapons on them[2]. Even custom ones like Mon-chan are significantly cheaper than CHARMs are[3].

Known support robots are:

  • Mon-chan, a penguin support robot owned by Kaede Johan Nouvel. Kaede brought it to Yurigaoka from her family home in France[4].
    • Mon-chan is the mascot of the official Assault Lily stage play Twitter account (@assaultlily_st).
    • Mon-chan's gender is unknown[5].
    • Mon-chan's birthday is on January 9[6].
    • Mon-chan is 40cm tall[7].
  • Myu, a guinea pig support robot owned by Rokkaku Shiori[8].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The existence of support robots may relate in some way to the old setting detail that insects and other small animals near Gardens are killed in order to prevent them from turning into Huge[9], though the significant number of semi-feral cats around Yurigaoka in Assault Lily: Bouquet and other recent stories suggests that this setting detail has been retconned away (or was never applicable to animals that large.)

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