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Tachihara Sayu (立原紗癒) is a Lily who attends Yurigaoka Girls' Academy. She is the captain of Legion Lohengrin. Her Schutzengel is Takegoshi Chihana.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sayu doesn't get upset when people bully her. This makes her a good match for her Schutzengel, Chihana, who is quite sadistic by nature[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Sayu has attended Yurigaoka since kindergarten[2]. She has been friends with Kuramata Yukiyo since she was young.

By the time she was in the third year of Yurigaoka's junior high school division, Sayu was recognized as one of the most promising Lilies of her age, and nicknamed one of the "Three Princesses" along with Ito Shizu and Kudo Sakua. Her friend Yukiyo was unremarkable as a Lily and late to awaken to her Rare Skill, and people often made rude comments about her due to this, but Sayu got angry on her behalf every time[2].

Such was Sayu's potential that Takegoshi Chihana, in order to recruit Sayu to Legion Álfheimr, requested and received a special exemption from the student council to take her as a Schild (choosing Sayu over Shizu when she did[3].) However, before Sayu could formally join it, Legion Álfheimr dissolved[4].

Chihana had no place left to go after Álfheimr, and so Sayu formed Legion Lohengrin for Chihana's sake, passing up her chance to become one of Yurigaoka's student council presidents to do so[5]. Along with being its captain, she serves as one of Lohengrin's two commanders. One of the first other Lilies to join Lohengrin was Sayu's lifelong friend, Yukiyo[2].

Sayu was injured at the time of the junior high school reserve team evaluation[4], and was not present when Kaede Johan Nouvel lead St. Mercurius to victory over Yurigaoka. Despite this, she and Kaede consider each other friendly rivals[6].

Sayu hosts a cross-Garden discussion group called the "Neunwelt Tactic Salon"[7]. The salon is highly exclusive; aspiring members must have a high level of prowess with the Neunwelt Tactic, and be invited by a member of Legion Lohengrin, or interviewed by Chihana or Sayu to their satisfaction[8] Through this salon, Sayu is acquainted with Funada Kiito, Kawamura Yuzuriha, Miyamoto Komuku and other top Lilies from various Gardens.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sayu has the highest Skiller Value of any currently active Lily.
  • Sayu greatly values tidiness and cleans her room often[9].
  • Sayu's favorite food is yakisoba[10].
    • Because her lengthiest appearance in Assault Lily: Bouquet[11] features her eating Peyang instant yakisoba, she's been given nicknames such as "Peyang-chan" and "Princess Peyang" by fans.
  • In Assault Lily: Last Bullet, Sayu made Valentine's Day chocolate together with Yukiyo and gave her share of it to her Schutzengel, Chihana.

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References[edit | edit source]

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