Takamatsu Shiera

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Takamatsu Shiera (高松祇恵良) is the chairwoman of Yurigaoka Girls' Academy. She is the elder sister of Takamatsu Kogetsu.

As Shiera is in poor health, her brother Kogetsu serves as acting chairman of Yurigaoka and handles most of her duties[3]. One duty that she still performs is that of being a formal witness to the Schutzengel's Oath; she is attested on paperwork to have witnessed Hitotsuyanagi Riri and Shirai Yuyu's oath.

Shiera was one of the few survivors of the Antarctic Campaign, the first major battle against the Huge[4]. She fought in this battle alongside her brother Kogetsu and the disgraced soldier Ando Soitsu (the father of Ando Tazusa), and has a personal interest in restoring Soitsu's good name[5].

Shiera has a mysterious Rare Skill known as Amatsukami[6]. It is unknown what this skill does or if she used it during the Antarctic Campaign.

Shiera is a Boosted Lily, and Yurigaoka is hostile to GEHENA because of her personal desire that "no one should have to go through what I did"[7]. She is rumored to have spent time in the same GEHENA lab as Tada Shiera[8]. She is the only Lily known to possess the Boosted Skill Nosferatu, which has had the effect that she has stopped physically aging and her Magi capacity has also not diminished[9].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shiera's appearance was unknown until she appeared in the Contrast of the Twin Stars event in Assault Lily: Last Bullet in late 2023. Earlier in 2023, Futagawa Fumi mentioned "Shiera looks like she's around twenty years old and is beautiful, but has this super intimidating aura around her."[10]
  • Despite their similar names, Fumi claims that there is no special relationship between Takamatsu Shiera and Tada Shiera aside from them both being Boosted Lilies[8].

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