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Toki Kureha (土岐紅巴) is a Lily who attends Kamba Girls' High School for the Fine Arts. She is a member of Legion Gran Eple.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kureha's most notable personality trait is her obsession with "precious" relationships between Lilies. She transferred from Odaiba to Kamba along with Kon Kanaho and Miyagawa Takane because she was so passionate about the bond those two Lilies share, and she's stated that her reason for fighting is to protect their relationship[2]. She has also exhibited an intense interest in Yurigaoka's Schutzengels, as well as Kaede Johan Nouvel's unrequited love for Hitotsuyanagi Riri.

Kureha is a Lily Otaku. According to Futagawa Fumi, she specializes in gossip and is better at gathering it than Fumi is[3]. She and Fumi are "soul friends" because of their shared passion for Lilies.

When she gets excited, usually because she's watching something "precious" happening, Kureha is prone to fainting. In particularly comedic Assault Lily stories, her soul will sometimes depart her body, appearing as a blob-shaped ghost.

Except when she's talking about her passion, Kureha tends to be timid and lacks confidence in herself. In the past, she's overworked herself to the point of injury while trying to keep up with the others in her legion[4]. Despite this, she has a determined heart and will fight to the bitter end, if necessary, for the sake of her friends and those she admires[2].

History[edit | edit source]

Anime/game[edit | edit source]

Kureha spent her early life in Tokushima, now a fallen region. She eventually found her way to Tokyo and was taken in by an orphanage operated by Odaiba Girls' School[5].

In junior high school, Kureha attended Odaiba Girls' School, where she originally studied to become an Arsenal. She gained some knowledge of CHARMs at this time, though not enough to build her own[6]. As a pure Arsenal and not a Lily, she was stationed in the Madec Academy[7].

Kureha became friends with Ito Urara while she was at Odaiba[8].

When Kanaho and Takane transferred to Kamba, Kureha also did, enrolling in the Garden as a regular Lily. She was then, much to her surprise, selected to be a member of Gran Eple along with them.

Combat Style[edit | edit source]

Kureha fights in the right-side BZ[1], somewhat close to the TZ.

As a Testament user, Kureha has weaker defenses than most Lilies. Her preferred CHARM, the Sugaar, is defensively oriented and specifically designed for Testament users like her. Kureha has shown a predilection for guarding other Lilies in combat, particularly Shiozaki Suzume.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kureha's favorite foods are spicy ones, especially mapo tofu. She dislikes shaved ice.
  • Kureha's hobbies are going to karaoke alone and gathering information about Lilies.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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