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Regista[2] is a Rare Skill.

Regista is a multifaceted skill with several defining features: it grants overhead vision, empowers nearby CHARMs, and shields Neunwelt magiespheres from harm with a powerful barrier.

It enhances the purity of Magi within a certain range, reliably supplying the Magi Crystals of allies with energy, as well as granting overhead vision on par with the Hawk's Eye subskill Clairvoyance at its most powerful. The boosted output of a Crystal Core being supported by a nearby Regista user directly results in a considerable increase in attack power.

Having a Lily with Regista present dramatically increases the success rate of the passes necessary for the Neunwelt Tactic. This Rare Skill is a major asset no matter the battle strategy, and there are few who would advise forming a legion without at least one Regista user in it[3].

Regista is tied with Phantasm as the Rare Skill most sought after by Gardens[4].

The subskill version of Regista is War God's Protection (軍神の加護).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A regista (Italian for director) is a type of midfielder used by some football teams, who specializes in maintaining complete situational awareness, making passes between defending and attacking players, and coordinating the team's overall strategy.
  • 'Regista' and 'Register' are written the exact same way as loanwords in Japanese, and jokes involving Lilies with Regista and cash registers are fairly common.

Lilies with Regista[edit | edit source]

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